Welcome to The Retreat at Freya's Haven

Reiki, Meditation & Crystals

About The Retreat at Freya's Haven

This private, supportive community is open to all who wish to explore and add "metaphysical" practices into their current lives and schedules. This is not a place to get answers from others, but a place to learn how to connect to your own intuition and find the answers you seek within you.

The topics covered inside the Haven include Reiki, working with crystals, meditation, and manifestation, plus a dash of working with lunar cycles, astrology and tarot. Every member of the Haven receives, at minimum, a quarterly group Reiki session and access to the Meditation in Moments course. The benefits only increase from there with the specialty subscriptions and bundles that are available!

Led by a busy soccer mom turned crystal-lover and soon-to-be Reiki Master, Rebe, The Retreat at Freya's Haven honors and welcomes members from all traditions, religions, and paths. 

You will always be empowered here to take (or create!) practices that fit into your current life and schedule and ignore the rest with zero guilt. Anyone within The Retreat who says otherwise will be gently invited to find a different community.

We especially welcome those who are new-comers and the curious to this Reiki-and-sparkly-crystal-filled space - we know you have all the questions! They are encouraged here - ask away!!! ❤️